Here you will find the answers to most of our frequently asked questions.  If we still aren't able to answer your question, feel free to contact us.

  • What type of hats do you offer?
    • Due to the Recent supply chain shortage we offer a variety of trucker style hats in snapback and fitted. We strive to source the best quality hats in the midst of this supply shortage. 
  • How can I customize my hat?
    • Each product listing has a PERSONALIZE IT button where you can explore all of the thread color options as well as mock up your hat!
  • How do I make the letters go around the number instead of through?
    • Easy! When typing the word you would like around your number, enter a couple spaces in between the word (ex. ENG    INE). This will put the word around your number.
  • How long do department orders take?
    • Custom department orders average a 6-8 week turnaround. Visit https://www.westbroadapparel.com/pages/department-pricing to learn more and contact our team for more info.
  • Why does my order say shipped but I haven't received a tracking number? 
    • Sometimes our system will show your order status as shipped while it is still in production. The best way to keep up with your order status is via email. You will receive three emails throughout your order process. The first will be a confirmation email to let you know we received your order, the second will be to let you know it is in production, and the third will be to let you know it has shipped and left our shop! In the third email, you will also receive a tracking number so you know when your order will arrive. 

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