The West Broad Story

The West Broad Story

West Broad Apparel was born out of a desire to keep the tradition of the great American Firefighter alive. It represents the hardworking men and women that selflessly serve their communities day in and day out. It remembers those who have lost their lives in the line of duty, and it helps their families admire and keep the memories of their loved ones. The West Broad mission goes beyond hats and apparel; our crew is dedicated to honoring our fellow firefighters and the fire service. With the help of our customers, we can keep that tradition alive. 

Our Story

From humble beginnings in a spare bedroom, West Broad Apparel has surpassed all that founder, Russell Davis, had imagined. The idea was inspired by a Christmas gift that his chief gave to their crew one year - can koozies made out of firehose. From there the idea was sparked. Russell came up with the idea for using retired firehose on hats and, much to the confusion of his wife, bought an embroidery machine shortly after. Pretty soon, West Broad Apparel had its first prototype.

A few short months later, Russell brought in his business partner and a fellow firefighter, Joe Crawford, to start helping with the operations. Before they knew it, Joe and Russell had more demand for their hose hats than they could keep up with. To fulfill the sudden demand, they starting hiring other full-time firefighters and their family members, eventually expanding to shield hats and other apparel. 

The West Broad Name

The name "West Broad" has a special history. Greenville, SC, was once home to the West Broad Fire Station located downtown on West Broad Street. This station stood for the tradition of the great American firefighter and all that the job represents. In the Greenville community of firefighters, West Broad is legendary. When the apparel company was started, Russell and Joe knew it had to be named after this infamous station that is a mirror of the values they wished to represent. As a tribute to the tradition of what firefighting has always stood for, West Broad Apparel carries on the honorable name of this great station and all who served there. 

The West Broad Apparel brand goes much farther than hose hats and t-shirts. Run by firefighters and their families, WBA is threading the heritage of what they stand and live for everyday into each of their products. When you make a purchase, you're supporting the men and women that put their lives on the line every day as they serve the communities across our great nation.

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